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California Healthy Kids Survey

The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is an anonymous, confidential survey of school climate and safety, student wellness, and youth resiliency. It is administered to students a variety of grade levels state-wide; in Savanna School District, fifth and sixth grade students are provided with the opportunity to take the survey.  It enables schools and communities to collect and analyze data regarding local youth health risks and behaviors, school connectedness, school climate, protective factors, and school violence. The CHKS is part of a comprehensive data-driven decision-making process on improving school climate and student learning environment for overall school improvements.

At the heart of the CHKS is a research-based core module that provides valid indicators to promote student engagement and achievement, safety, positive development, health, and overall well being. California Education Code sections 51513 and 51938(c) specify that parent or guardian consent be granted before students are given questionnaires or surveys asking about personal beliefs or practices that include health behavior and risks. 

Parents will be asked to provide permission for their child to take the survey, which will be administered the week of November 13, 2023.  To review a copy of the survey questions students will be asked, please click on this link.