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Preschool Program

Savanna School District is pleased to announce a new district-run preschool program beginning in August 2023!  The program will be structured for two, three, and four-year-old children born between May 3, 2019 and August 7, 2021.  We will offer both half-day and full-day programs.  Enrollment for the program will be available during our registration for the 2023-24 school year which will open on July 18.

The preschool program will be a place for young children 2-4 years of age to learn and grow in a safe and encouraging setting. We understand that every child is unique. Supporting children according to their individual strengths and interests makes all the difference to you and your child. Children are never too young to have their curiosity nurtured by teachers who understand the science of how they learn best - at their own pace, according to their own interests. Children want to explore their world with real people and real objects, engaging in meaningful work and play. Young children learn best through play and thoughtfully planned hands-on experiences. Our preschool programs support children in developing a love of learning that will last their entire lives.

For much of the day, children will create, play, pretend and express themselves through child-directed activity. This kind of independent play with teacher’s support builds critical thinking skills, self-reliance and confidence for life. The primary role of the teacher is to guide and facilitate the learning process by presenting developmentally appropriate materials and activities that pose additional challenges and stimulate a child’s curiosity. As your preschooler moves through their day, they will hear many open-ended questions such as “How did you do that?” or “Why do you think that happened?” further extending your child’s own thinking. Teachers will be aware of the progress of each child in each area of growth so that individual differences in ability and interest are personally respected.

The development of a child’s self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning are of utmost importance. The goal of our program is to provide opportunities for children to develop into confident, competent human beings in all growth areas – social, emotional, self-help and adaptive skills, physical, cognitive, and speech and language.


Savanna School District is committed to providing high-quality school readiness programs to support student development and academic achievement. Preschool programs provide a developmentally-appropriate, academic preschool experience which provides a strong foundation for entering kindergarten. The focus of each preschool program is to develop pre-academic skills that emphasize literacy and numeracy, while fostering exploration and creativity. Preschool will prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

School Readiness Programs

Savanna School District partners with First 5 Orange County to ensure that students enrolled in our preschool transitional kindergarten programs provide children with age-appropriate activities to prepare them to be successful in later grades.  Information on First 5 Orange County can be found here.

Data is collected to determine how well our students are meeting developmental milestones.  An assessment is completed out on all children in kindergarten to ensure they reach their full potential.  While the data is not used for individual children, it is used to measure how the group as a whole are meeting several key developmental milestones.  Click here to view the 2021-22 Early Development Index (EDI) District Profile Report.