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Transitional Kindergarten Program


The Transitional Kindergarten program will follow the kindergarten curriculum while adding a developmental focus taught at a pace designed to meet the children's individual social and emotional needs. Children need to turn age five between September 2nd and December 2nd of the current school year for transitional kindergarten.

Savanna School District’s Transitional Kindergarten Program is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program designed to prime young kindergartners for school success.  Children with birthdates between December 3rd and January 31st of the current school year will be considered if space allows.

This program provides students with a strong educational foundation by giving children a stimulating environment that fosters physical, social-emotional and intellectual development.  The Transitional Kindergarten curriculum, daily schedules, report cards, and art projects are all different than those students will experience in the Academic Kindergarten Program.  Some students just require more time than others in order to be ready for Academic Kindergarten.

Transitional Kindergarten is designed to help children as they:
Build confidence and self-esteem
Develop small motor skills needed for writing
Foster large muscle skills needed for balance
Enhance skills such as sitting, listening, and following directions
Increase vocabulary enrichment and memory skills
Facilitate social interaction and encourages problem solving
Children experience school success from the beginning.  Transitional Kindergarten has nothing to do with being smart; it’s about being ready.  Students leave the Transitional Kindergarten Program prepared to enter academic kindergarten successfully.
If you believe your child would benefit from participation in the Transitional Kindergarten Program or to learn more information about this exciting program, please contact your child’s school.