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Fifth Grade Math Connections


Links below are provided for instructional use with well-crafted, ready-to-teach Explicit Direct Instruction lessons, developed by DataWorks, that focus on grade level specific Common Core State Standards. (Click here for Guide on Implementing Standards for Mathematical Practice) These lessons are designed to engage all learners through whole-class instruction as teachers introduce new concepts and skills while modeling the kind of thinking Core Standards and assessments require. In keeping with Explicit Direct Instruction teaching strategies, these lessons provide clear learning objectives, emphasize teaching first, checking for understanding throughout lesson components, and guided practice that includes differentiation with optional scaffolding for all students in order to gain confidence and skill development.

Common-Core-connections Math-Practices-Thru-Questioning Math Clusters Grade 5

Math Lessons Aligned to Common Core State Standards

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

5.OA.1 Evaluate expressions (view student pages here)

5.OA.2 Write expressions (view student pages here)

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

5.NBT.1 Recognize place value in a multi-digit number (view student pages here)

5.NBT.3a Read and write decimals to thousandths (view student pages here)

5.NBT.4 Round decimals (view student pages here)

5.NBT.5 Multiply multi-digit numbers (view student pages here)

5.NBT.6 Divide multiples of 100 and 1000 by multiples of 10 (view student pages here)

5.NBT.7 Add decimals (view student pages here)

Numbers and Operations-Fractions

5.NF.1 Add fractions with unlike denominators (view student pages here)

5.NF.1 Subtract fractions with unlike denominators (view student pages here)


5.G.1 Plot and locate points on a coordinate plane (view student pages here)

A separate resource for teachers, Common Core Learning Objectives, identifies Core Standards converted into explicit, teachable Learning Objectives, is provided by clicking here to access the Fifth Grade Math Common Core Learning Objectives and Essential Tools. This guide includes Core Standards vocabulary lists defining key words students need to know to be successful.

Common Core Assessment Information

5th Grade Teacher's Guide to Common Core Assessments - Mathematics (by DataWorks)


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