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First Grade Language Connections


Links to lessons below are provided for instructional use as part of the Data Works ready-to-teach lessons, aligning current instructional materials to Common Core State Standards. (Click here for First Grade Language Arts Standards At-a-Glance) Well-crafted, ready-to-teach Explicit Direct Instruction lessons, developed by DataWorks, that focus on grade level specific Common Core State Standards, are provided below. These multi-media lessons are designed to engage all learners through whole-class instruction as teachers introduce new concepts and skills while modeling the kind of thinking Core Standards and assessments require. In keeping with Explicit Direct Instruction teaching strategies, these lessons provide clear learning objectives, emphasize teaching first, checking for understanding throughout lesson components, and guided practice that includes differentiation with optional scaffolding for all students in order to gain confidence and skill development. All files are multi-media (PowerPoint) and text-based (MS Word) for easy use. As a reminder, all information provided on this site is for the exclusive use of Savanna School District staff and may not be sold, published, or otherwise shared electronically or in hard copy. As appropriate, links to technological resources are provided with lessons.

Curricular Connections to Common Core

Language Lessons Aligned to Common Core State Standards

Conventions of Standard English

L.2b Use end punctuation marks for sentences (view student pages here)

Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

L.4 Determine the meaning of multiple-meaning words (view student pages here) (view flashcards to support lesson here)

L.5a Sort words into categories (view student pages here) (view flashcards to support lesson here)

A separate resource for teachers, Common Core Learning Objectives, identifies Core Standards converted into explicit, teachable Learning Objectives, is provided by clicking here to access the First Grade ELA Common Core Learning Objectives and Essential Tools. This guide includes Core Standards vocabulary lists defining key words students need to know to be successful. Note: Additional, focused professional development opportunities are planned by the Savanna School District to assist teachers in the use of this tool.

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