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Welcome to Savanna School District!

The best is yet to come for students and staff in Savanna School District as we begin the 2013-14 school year! We firmly believe that the best opportunities are yet to unfold with wonderful things happening for students in the coming year as we move forward with leaving a legacy for the future. We are so very grateful and fortunate that the Savanna community supported and passed Measures N and G. Because of this funding, we have completed three comprehensive modernization projects:  Hansen, Cerritos, and Reid Schools have now been completed.  The fourth, and final, modernization project is currently underway at Holder School and will be completed by May 2014.  Holder School students and staff have moved to our Interim Campus during the coming school year while their home school undergoes capital improvements. These capital improvements will affect our children's education and our community for generations to come, truly allowing us to leave a legacy of 21st Century learning environments.  It is the goal of the Savanna School District to provide the most exemplary educational opportunities for children both now and into the future, demonstrating “The Best Is Yet To Come!”

“Great Expectations…The Best Is Yet To Come!” can be seen in the infusion of technology throughout the instructional program and into all areas of operation.  Because of the commitment of our Board of Trustees, we will begin the school year with classroom sets of updated Macintosh computers in all second through sixth grade classrooms; students will learn computer literacy skills through daily, small group instruction on classroom sets of computers to enhance and support the instructional program and core curriculum. DLP projectors, voice-enhancement systems complete with microphones for teacher and student use, the use of the web-based Accelerated Reader program for students, a web-based library catalog accessible to all students as well as tablets and iPads and student response systems in several classrooms are a few of the tools which will continue to have a significant impact on the instructional program. The redesign of our Nutrition Services web site will allow parents the ability to apply for free and reduced meals online, 'go green' and have lunch menus emailed monthly, and use the interactive menu, allowing parents the ability to view nutritional values of foods served for each meal.

Our newly developed Savanna app, available for smart phone and iPad users, allows parents access to essential information at their fingertips!  Through the app, parents will be able to review attendance for each of their children, view overdue school library books, view school lunch balances and deposit funds electronically into their child’s lunch account, submit tips in a variety of areas, apply online for reduced price meals, contact teachers via email, and more! When completed, parents will be able to view an interactive breakfast and lunch menu, providing nutritional values of foods to be served right in the palm of your hand. Our app should be 'live' by the time school starts. Check back for more information on how to access the app. We invite you to check out our app and follow our schools this year!  With the new Savanna app, “The Best Is Yet To Come!” as we prepare to leave a legacy for tomorrow’s generation through 21st Century learning.

Our great expectations for student learning can be evidenced in the District’s commitment to offering a transitional kindergarten program at each school.  We are very excited that our youngest students will have the opportunity to participate in a full-day Transitional Kindergarten program with increased instructional time; this program will follow the kindergarten curriculum while adding a developmental focus taught at a pace designed to meet the children's individual social and emotional needs. It is an option for those students who turn age five between July 1, 2013 and December 2, 2013, and whose parents believe their child is not ready socially or academically for an academic kindergarten program.

Another indication of “Great Expectations…The Best Is Yet To Come!” is our continued focus on reading fluency, comprehension, writing, and student engagement.   Teachers will continue to utilize frequent assessments throughout the 2013-14 school year to ensure that the instructional program is appropriate to students' needs.  These assessments will assist teachers in determining whether students are meeting or exceeding standards.  Our teachers will expand on their use of Thinking Maps as well as our writing program, Write From the Beginning, throughout the coming year.  The combined use of Thinking Maps and Write From the Beginning will provide teachers the opportunity to enhance students’ writing abilities.  The ability to read, organize thoughts, and write cohesively will be essential for students as we move toward implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  The Common Core State Standards are designed to be relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our students will need for success in college and future careers. Engaging all students in lessons is essential to ensure student achievement.  This commitment to leaving a legacy of student success will indeed leave an indelible mark on our community!

It is the goal of the Savanna School District to provide the most exemplary educational opportunities for children both now and into the future, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. The difference between a good school district and a GREAT school district is “people”; people like the Savanna School District staff who are committed to do everything they can daily to demonstrate that ‘The Best Is Yet To Come!’; people like our parents who provide the home support for our students so that they can meet our Great Expectations; and people like all those in our community who contribute to our successes in so many ways.  Our successes are YOUR successes.  The entire Savanna School District staff and Board of Trustees welcomes you to the 2013-14 school year and look forward to fulfilling Great Expectations….. The Best Is Still Yet To Come! 

About the District

What a special place Savanna School District is!  Encompassing parts of the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress and Stanton, Savanna School District is an elementary school district with approximately 2400 students. These students attend one of our four schools: Cerritos, Hansen, Holder and Twila Reid Schools. We also serve about 250 preschoolers in state and privately-run preschools on our campuses.

Our size is one reason that Savanna has a family-like atmosphere among the faculty, support staff, students, parents and the community we serve. While our small size enables us to maintain this small town feel, our location provides students and staff access to a wide variety of resources within the community.